A collaborative effort involving cadets, teachers and parents working together to achieve high cadet performance.


  1. Twice a year (August/January) an annual parent information meeting will be held to discuss parent rights under the Title I and other programs available at our school. School-wide goals will be explained. School-wide disaggregated cadet assessment data will be shared at this meeting. Specific information on individual cadet performance will be shared at system-wide parent conferences held throughout the school year.

  2. Additional parent information sessions will be held during scheduled PTO meetings, Response to intervention (RTI) meetings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, Early Intervention Program (EIP) meetings, and during School Council sessions. These meetings will solicit parent feedback on the Title I School-wide Plan, Parent Involvement Plan and Policy, the Home-School Compact, and use of Title I funds for parent involvement. Parents are also encouraged to contact the Headmaster (Mr. Roland T. McKoy, III) with their feedback regarding any school matter at any time.

  3. Data relevant to cadets’ aggregate achievement performance will be shared in parent meetings and faculty meetings.

  4. Training sessions for staff members will be held to strengthen their skills in working with parents and our community of stakeholders. Parents will be afforded training opportunities to help their cadets at home via a variety of means; examples include PTO meetings and EIP training sessions. Workshops will focus on core curricular subjects, such as language arts, math, science, study skills, technology, cadet assessment strategies, assistance in the interpretation of cadet assessment data, and successful parenting techniques.

  5. Parents will be notified of their cadet’s academic progress through progress reports, parent conferences (throughout the year) and RTI/504/IEP meetings.

  6. Parents will receive results of individual student assessments and the interpretation of those results, through dissemination as they become available from the state for standardized assessments and periodically for system-level assessments.

  7. A description of grade-level expectations and curriculum standards will be presented to parents at Title I conferences, which are offered at least once annually to all parents.

  8. Teachers will utilize a home-school contract for each Paul R. Brown cadet as needed. This contract specifies the means by which the school, the parent, and the cadet will build and sustain a partnership to help the cadet achieve high academic standards

  9. Multiple programs such as PTO, School Council, and the Volunteer Program will be used to consult with parents on all aspects of program planning, design, and implementation including:

• Needs Assessment

• Determination of program goals and objectives

• Determination of educational strategies

• Implementation of projects

• Development of program applications

• Program evaluations

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The Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy is a tuition-free charter school. The mission of this charter school is to serve it’s students through a commitment to excellence in an education that serves today, tomorrow, and the future by providing an academically rich program that encompasses all skill sets for life: reading, communication, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, work ethic, integrity, physical wellness, and leadership.

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