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Migrant Program

The mission of the North Carolina Migrant Education Program is to help migrant students and youth meet high academic challenges by overcoming the obstacles created by frequent moves, educational disruption, cultural and language differences, and health-related problems.  

Along with the mission of the state, Bladen County Schools Migrant Education Program is committed to continuously improve the quality of education provided to migrant children through the support of their families. We are committed to helping migrant students achieve the levels of success they need to graduate from high schools.


A child is considered "migratory" if his/her parent or guardian is a migratory worker in the agricultural, dairy, lumber, or fishing industries and the family has moved during the past three years. A "qualifying" move can range from moving across school district boundaries to moving from one state to another for the purpose of finding temporary or seasonal employment. A young adult may also qualify if he/she has moved on his/her own for the same reasons. The eligibility period is three years from the date of the last move. Eligibility is established through an interview conducted by a Migrant Recruiter who visits both home and employment locations where migrant workers are employed. The law states that migrant education services are a priority for those students whose education has been interrupted during the current school year and who are failing or are most at risk of failing to meet state academic and performance standards.


Services available to migrant families and students:  

An initial visit by the recruiter to the home to assess the needs of the family and child
Home visits by the recruiter to bring materials and follow student progress
Interpretations at school conferences
Parent meeting to discuss ways to help students succeed in school
Assistance in transferring records to new schools
Social Work and Family Support Services
Health Care Referrals
Guidance and Counseling
Enrichment programs such as 4H, summer camps, field trips, and career exploration

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