Anchors Up! (AU) is a federally funded youth development program for teens in Bladen County, North Carolina. The program is open to middle and high school students in grades 7-12.

Through the AU program, you will learn:

  • Strategies for success

  • How to prevent poverty

  • How to have healthy relationships

  • How to avoid teenage pregnancy 

  • How to resist risky behaviors such as drinking, drug abuse and bullying

  •  How to set goals for your life

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About PBLA

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1360 Martin Luther King Drive
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
United States

Main Phone: (910) 862-2965
Alt. Phone: (910) 862-2994
Fax line: (910) 862-3054

The Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy is a tuition-free charter school. The mission of this charter school is to serve it’s students through a commitment to excellence in an education that serves today, tomorrow, and the future by providing an academically rich program that encompasses all skill sets for life: reading, communication, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, work ethic, integrity, physical wellness, and leadership.

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